KABANC is pleased to announce the KABA Family-Based Mentorship Program. The Program is designed to create mentorship pods of Bay Area KABANC law students, junior attorneys, and senior attorneys who are members of KABANC. The Program is intended to:

(1) foster relationships between KABANC law students and both junior and senior attorneys, providing the student with a variety of perspectives on law school, the bar, and the practice of law; and

(2) foster relationships between more experienced attorneys and junior attorneys who may be new to the practice or who are traversing the critical first few years of practice and would gain from the guidance.


Interested members can email Kyong Kim with any questions: Kyong Kim at


(1) KABANC members may participate. If you are not a current KABANC member, please contact Fred Choi at to learn about joining!
(2) Junior Attorneys are those KABANC members who have between 0 and up to 5 years of experience.
(3) Senior Attorneys are those KABANC members who have at least 5 years of experience.