The purpose of the KABANC Endorsements Committee is to promote the appointment of qualified judicial candidates to the federal and state judiciary and other governmental positions who have demonstrated a commitment to the Asian Pacific American community or to any other minority or disenfranchised group. We evaluate potential candidates as well as identify and encourage qualified Asian Americans to apply for judicial positions. The KABANC Endorsements Committee belongs to a coalition of judicial endorsement committees of various API bar associations in Northern California affiliated with the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, including:

The Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area
The Asian American Criminal Trial Lawyers Association
The Asian American Prosecutor’s Association
The Asian Pacific Bar Association of Silicon Valley
The Filipino American Bar Association of Northern California
The South Asian Bar Association of Northern California
The Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California

KABANC’s Judicial Endorsements Committee actively seeks out worthy candidates for nomination and endorsements. We welcome your inquiries about the judicial application process or request for endorsement.  If you are interested in KABANC’s endorsement, or are contemplating applying for the bench in the near future, please contact the co-chairs of KABANC’s Judicial Endorsements Committee, Ben Hur (bhur@kvn.com) and Jean Kim (jkim@stillerkim.com).   We can help you understand the process, plan your application, and assist with possible introductions and endorsements.

Alternatively, if you know someone in our community who deserves recognition for his or her contributions, or a candidate who deserves KABANC’s support, please contact the Judicial Endorsements Committee. 

We invite you to review KABANC’s Endorsement Policy for judicial candidates.

Recent Endorsements

KABANC has recently endorsed the following candidates: 

Name  Position 
Ray Buenaventura
Demian Pay
Linda Lye
Andrew Cheng
Superior Court - San Mateo County
Superior Court – Alameda County
Court of Appeal – First District
Court of Appeal – First District


KABANC Endorsements Policy